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  1. The act of emblazoning.
  2. The state of being emblazoned.

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Emblazonment refers to the selection of Battle Honours to be borne on Regimental Colours, drums, and cap badges (in the case of Rifle Regiments).

Canadian Practice

The Battle Honours Committees that have sat after World War One, World War Two, and Korea have determined the Honours to be granted; the process is not a fast one and is the result of much research. Once granted, regiments may in turn determine which of the Battle Honours are to be "emblazoned". This refers to the act of having the names of the Battle Honours added to the Regimental Colour (or Guidon, in the case of cavalry and armoured regiments), as well as other regimental accoutrements such as drum shells and the Drum Major's cross belt.
The number of Battle Honours granted to Canadian regiments have led to restrictions being placed on the number of "emblazoned" honours permitted. These are:
  • 1. Prior to the First World War - no limit;
  • 2. First World War - maximum of ten;
  • 3. Second World War - maximum of ten;
  • 4. Korea - maximum of two.
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